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DAILY SCAN for 5/26/2017:

DOUBLE-ACTION WESTERN Feb. 1957 - Columbia Publications; Vol. 24, No. 3. Pulp magazine. Edited by Robert W. Lowndes. Cover art is uncredited. Includes "The Girl on Boothill Trail" (novel) by Wallace McKinley; "Texana" (special feature) by Harold Gluck; "Alfalfa Dan" (verse) by Edward Garner; "Better Than Natural" by Kenneth Ganz; "Phantom Hooves" by Peter Norcross; "Let's Steal a Cow" (special feature) by Lee Thomas; "Gunsmoke redemption" by William F. Schwartz. Illustrated by R. H. M. and others.


STARTLING Stories Jan. 1952 - Better Publications; Vol. 24, No. 3. Pulp magazine. Edited by Samuel Mines. Cover art by Bergey for "Journey to Barkut" (novel) by Murray Leinster. Includes "Lost Art" (novelet) by A. Bertram Chandler; "The Great Idea" by Raymond Z. Gallun; "The Wheel" by John Wyndham; "How Green Was My Martian" by Mack Reynolds. Features: "The Ether Vibrates" by The Editor; "Current Fan Publications" by Jerome Bixby; "The Day the Eath Stood Still" (movie review). Illustrated by Virgil Finlay, Pete Poulton, and Napoli. Letters from L. Sprague de Camp, Eugene DeWeese, and others.

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